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Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Wedding Singer

My sister and her husband introduced me to The Wedding Singer. They always told me about this song in the film they really loved, Grow Old With You (they are such a romantic couple). I was confused about the film at first because it takes place in 1985, and Drew Barrymore, who plays Julia in the film, was only 10 years old then! The film was actually made in 1998, and also stars Adam Sandler as Robbie who is the wedding singer. The film is rated PG-13, and received an award at the MTV Movie Awards for Best Kiss between Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler.

There’s a lot to like about The Wedding Singer. First, it makes great fun of the 1980’s. Think back to that time, and remember Madonna, Boy George, Miami Vice, big hair, and truly horrendous bridesmaids' dresses. People were still renting out bands to play at weddings back then. It was just before DJs took over the task of providing the music at weddings. The music throughout the film is classic 1980’s, and thrown in for good measure are some great songs, some funny, and some sweet, that Adam Sandler helped compose. The music is featured on two CD's: The Wedding Singer and The Wedding Singer 2.

Robbie is engaged to be married to Linda (Angela Featherstone) when he meets Julia at a wedding where he is the entertainment and she is serving as a waitress. Linda breaks it off with Robbie at a most inopportune time, and he is crushed. Julia tries to cheer him up, and he takes on the task of helping Julia plan her wedding to Glenn (Matthew Glave) as Glenn is much too busy making money (and doing what Glenn does), to spend time on something like planning for their wedding.

Robbie and Julia become friends, and Robbie sees Glenn for who he really is, and he’s not someone he thinks should be marrying sweet Julia. You’ll have to rent the DVD to see how it all turns out. The ending features Billy Idol as himself (remember his song White Wedding ?), and is simply great.

Jon Lovitz and Steve Buscemi have small cameo roles. Adam Sandler is just great, especially during his depressed scenes when he has to sing at a wedding, and when he shares a song with Julia that was inspired by the Cure (written half when he was with Linda, and half after she dumped him). Drew is sweet and charming and plays a great romantic lead. I highly recommend The Wedding Singer for your next romantic comedy. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore later paired in 50 First Dates. Come back for that review some other time.

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  1. I remember a scene, I think it was this movie, where the wedding singer is drunk and bitter and commiserates with (really cruelly but humorously points out the flaws of) all the people at one of the tables who, he says, will never find love. I think I've sat at that reject table myself, but I did find it anyway!