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Tuesday, July 19, 2005


My 18-year-old niece recommended I see this film. In fact she made a list of 14 movies available for rental these days, and I look forward to reporting on all of them.

Will Smith plays Alex Hitchens, "Hitch", a man who makes his living by helping men get a date with the woman of their dreams. His big challenge is to help an accountant played by Kevin James, win the affections of an heiress, sweetly named Allegra.

While involved in this project, Hitch falls for Sarah (Eva Mendes), a woman who has grown to shun relationships. Between these two romances, the fun begins. Hitch and his pupil have great chemistry, and it is believable that the beautiful Allegra would find her accountant charming.

You know how some movies look good in the trailers, but then when you get to the theater, all the funny scenes were in the trailer, and there isn’t anything good left in the film? Well, this does not happen with Hitch. There are laughing out loud scenes, and a good conclusion to the story. As Hitch explains, he just creates an opportunity for the unlikely man to be noticed by the object of his affection, and the rest just happens on its own. If you like romantic comedies, this is a sure winner.

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