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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Adapted Screenplay

I like to try to see as many of the nominees for best screenplay as I can before the awards. This year I looked to rent a video called Before Sunset. When I read the description of the film, I noticed it was a sequel to a film made around nine years ago called Before Sunrise. So of course I rented both of them.

What a treat! These two films break the rules about writing a screenplay. They are 99% about two characters, and most of it is dialogue, but what rich dialogue! I highly recommend these two romances. It is understandable why Before Sunset was nominated for an award. Plus they take place in Vienna, and the second one in Paris, so the background is very intriguing too.

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  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Richard Linklater is a genius. It's mind boggling that he also did, "School of Rock," as well as "Before Sunrise/Sunset." It was a richly deserved nomination, and Hawk/Delpy are simply amazing.

    If you like that style of movie (dialogue heavy...not driven by "story" beats, etc.), check "Melvin Goes to Dinner." I ADORED that film!

    This blog is very cool...right on Sue!!