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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Dinner and a Movie

It used to mean going out to dinner and to a movie afterwards. Now Dinner and a Movie is sitting at home watching a movie broken up by not just commercials, but by two commentators/comics and a chef cooking up food to match the "theme" of the movie.

Why would people watch this? The movies on commerical television are cut to pieces already as they are edited for TV and no longer in the form the writers and director intended for the story. Does anyone really cook the foods they throw together? Do you think the jokes are really funny?

Tell me what you think of this phenomenon please.


  1. Dinner and a Movie. It's really a lame concept. Breaks up the whole flow of a movie. Most of those time slots are useless unless they have a theme to them, like that guy who used to rate movies by numbers of killings, car crashes, sex scenes, etc. He was funny. And he always played specific type movies. The Dinner and a Movie thing never worked for me.

  2. Dinner and a movie could have been good. Especially if it had started a trend of inviting your friends over for dinner and a movie. Maybe the problem is that they don't really seem to like the movies. It might be cool if they were really interested in them and had insights to give about them, because I bet it would be great if Sue hosted dinner and a movie!