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Saturday, May 21, 2005

A Movie for Every Mood

It is my intention to create A Movie for Every Mood website that will be a permanent place for full-length movie reviews. I would like to hear from my readers as to what categories of movies they would like to see reviewed on my website.

Here are a few of my own to start with:

Movies for when you want to believe in romance again.

Movies for white knuckling, heart-pounding action.

Movies that give you another cultural viewpoint (foreign films).

Movies when you want a good laugh.

Movies for when you want a good cry.

Movies about alternative lifestyles.

Movies to illuminate eras of history.

Movies that have won Academy Awards.

Movies that were nominated and should have won Academy Awards.

Hope that gives you something to get you thinking about what you'd like to see on my website.

As always, click on the comment button, and feel free to leave your message as a fellow blogger, anonymously, or as other.

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