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Monday, May 09, 2005

Joe Bob Briggs

Lulu responded to my query about the Dinner and a Movie phenomenon with a comment about: "that guy who used to rate movies by numbers of killings, car crashes, sex scenes, etc. He was funny. And he always played specific type movies."

I remember who that was. It was Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater hosted by Joe Bob Briggs. The show was really funny. He would review the B-movies and have guests on for interviews, such as Linda Blair (famed for her work in The Exorcist).

I agree, Joe Bob's Drive-In Theater worked where Dinner and a Movie does not. And I discovered that Joe Bob is still around via his Internet website which is most interesting. So if any of you remember him and want to check it out, it is www.joebobbriggs.com Just be prepared for outrageousness.

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  1. Joe Bob has a fun website. One of the best features is he lets people write in and ask for help identifying movies they only remember a specific scene to. Then the people out in cyberspace get to name the movie as sort of a contest. Fun!